Top 10 Skirt Bloggers of May 2013 – Part 2/2

I’m still reeling from the fancy skirts we featured in the first part of our Top 10 Skirt Looks. Those bloggers looked so gorgeous in their skirts that they made me want to experiment with what’s in my closet right away!

I just love spring and the many creative ways fashion mavens use this season to dress up. Here are more bloggers who definitely aren’t left behind when it comes to styling up their favorite spring skirts:

6. Featuring Keit from Bulgaria


When style bloggers come up with eclectic outfits like this, I’m just charmed out of my socks! Breaking the norms with the print on print ensemble and flaunting unique skirts should be what is saturating the streets! Seeing this look from Keit replenished my creativity. I thought it’s a look that is perfect for the warm seasons.

7. Featuring Fizz from California


Slit skirts are also hot these days. We are eyeing this polka dot sheer skirt worn by Fizz. It has double front slits that showed just the right amount of skin. So if you are torn between covering up and baring a bit of skin, try wearing something like this!

8. Featuring Karina from Venezuela


Luxe skirts like this gold-tone one worn by Karina instantly glams up an outfit. Have one in your closet just in case you need something to make you feel ten times more posh.

9. Featuring Ashley from California

Ashley’s floaty, asymmetric maxi skirt is just so ethereal. It’s versatile too! Wear it with edgy, feline pieces like what Ashley did here when she paired it up with a leopard-printed top or dress it down with a simple tank top and a pair of strappy sandals.

10. Featuring Jenny from California


Fall in love with Jenny’s quirky pencil skirt. With its geometric pattern and lovely color, you’ll ease into summer without feeling stuck in a fashion rut. Jenny wore this with a clashing leopard print. But thanks to the cohesive color, this outfit worked!

How did you ladies love our blogger finds? Aren’t their skirts cute? Would you wear similar skirts yourself? Go and enjoy summer and tap into these looks for inspiration!

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