Top 10 Skirt Bloggers of May 2013 – Part 1/2

There is no shortage of fabulous skirt looks for the month of May. With the sunny weather and blooming flowers everywhere, wearing skirts and baring a bit of skin are as irresistible as they are inevitable.

For all you skirt lovers out there, get some inspiration from this month’s favorite skirt posts by bloggers. I hope you’ll love what these bloggers showcased as much as we did!

1. Featuring KT Reed from California

KT Reed

Let’s kick start this list with this amazing outfit from KT Reed. I myself love a nice pleated floral skirt. Hey, it’s spring! What better time to indulge in floral pieces than this season, right? But KT isn’t the type to settle for just a pretty floral skirt (as if there’s a “just” to it). She goes the extra mile by throwing in polka dots! Go outside the box with your floral skirts too!

2. Featuring Clare from New York


I can’t think of a better way to indulge a case of princess complex than to wear midi tulle skirts. Every girl must have them (yes, even rocker chics!). You can wear them with pretty much anything – lace tops, cropped tops, graphic-printed top and long-sleeved tops! You can even throw in leather accents for that sugar and spice mix. As for Clare, she wore feminine pieces with it.

3. Featuring Elisabeth from Indonesia


Elisabeth is not one to shy away from attention-drawing skirts like this fur-riddled one with ombre details. In fact, she stepped it up by wearing a printed cropped top! Surprisingly, the tandem worked. I guess it is all in the styling and the way Elisabeth carried the outfit.

4. Featuring Niki from Arkansas


Floral skirts aren’t the only ones reminiscent of spring. Go check out tulip skirts too! We fancy Niki’s mustard skirt as it instantly made her outfit look charming. She mixed it with a gingham-printed top. It’s a look you can copy for summer too!

5. Featuring Sophia from the Philippines


Sophia’s skirt reminds us of a flower with its delicately-colored hem and pop of color. It’s something you would love to hold on, to wear during those days when you just want something whimsical.

There are more lovely ladies to feature so watch out for the second part of our post. In the mean time, go visit these bloggers’ online spaces and be inspired by their styles.

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