Brand of the Day: Splendid Tube Skirt-Dresses

Yesterday, I featured the two-in-one dress/skirt from Funktional. For today, allow me to give you a few more convertible pieces; this time, from Splendid (all the styles featured were found at Shopbop). Check out these tube skirt-dresses from the brand’s recent collection:

The Maxi

Splendid Maxi Tube Skirt/Dress in Heather Grey ($88), Military, and Black (both $83)

The Mini

Splendid Striped Tube Skirt/Dress, $72

What do you think? Very wearable and practical, right? And whether you want something long or short, Splendid has both. What’s even better is these skirts don’t cost too much, just between $72 to $88 depending on the material and length. That isn’t exactly bad  for something you can wear two different ways. That said, I do think it’s a must-buy. If you agree, feel free to visit Shopbop and make your purchase. Enjoy!

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