Must Grab: Patterned Sequined Skirts!

If you’re lusting over those patterned sequined mini skirts celebrities have been wearing lately, then lust no more. Head over to British retailer, AllSaints, and grab one of their exquisitely hand embellished dazzling minis with intricate motifs. From Baroque, to Aztec, to geometric floral patterns, they have it. Here are those glam and chic skirts. If you tell us these are not lust-worthy, we’d have a hard time believing you. Wear one of these with a classic top and you’d be an instant hit!

Aztec Skirt, £165

Kori Skirt, £195

Shell Skirt, £165

Chaztec Skirt, £165

Paloma Skirt, £165

Devo Skirt, £165

AllSaints offers FREE international shipping on orders over $250. Enjoy your skirt!

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