A Throwdown on Fitted Fair Isle Sweater Skirts!

How about a quick throwdown for today? We’re taking one last look at winter skirts (more particularly Fair Isle sweater skirts) and we’re hoping to make it fun by asking you to pick the best looking one. Choosing will definitely be a difficult task because these fitted knits look almost alike.

Which of these would you grab if you were planning on getting a patterned sweater skirt?

DV by Dolce Vita

The “Dianna” is all about black n’ white and geometric patterns. With the clear and bold contrast in color, you can bet it’s the more striking piece among the bunch.

DV by Dolce Vita Dianna Fair Isle Knit Skirt, $132


One more with geometric patterns is this piece from Funktional. It’s definitely a more subdued style, with grey being the dominant color. But it is also the shortest (and probably the sexiest!) and cheapest.

Funktional Alpine Mini Skirt, $74 (was $105)


Unlike the first two, which have a generic look, the “Ruiko” can only be worn during winter because of its snowflake and pine tree patterns. But if we talk about the words Fair Isle, you could say it is probably the most authentic looking among the four (4).

Joie Ruiko Heather Mink Skirt, $103 (was $228)


What makes the Edun Sweater Skirt different? Well, for one, it’s the only one with a side zipper. For another, it is much longer, almost knee length. It is also much darker, and the patterns are less defined. On the downside, it is the most expensive.

Edun Zipped Sweater Skirt, $173 (was $248)

So what do you think? Which of these four (4) sweater skirts would you wear? To purchase any of these knits, simply head over to the corresponding store. Enjoy shopping!

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