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Why Did Jessica Alba Sport a Drab Outfit at Coachella?

And the almost impossible has finally happened. The usually fashionably polished Jessica Alba actually managed to let us down with one of her outfits at the Coachella festival, of all events and places. The 31-year-old actress was spotted wearing a mix of bohemian with a hint of goth-inspired black and white ensemble during day one […]

Would You Wear the Kimberly Ovitz Canute Long Skirt Pants Combo?

Have you ever heard of skirt pants? It’s a combo that you can basically wear as both a skirt and a pair of pants. Well, if you haven’t seen one like it, here’s a piece from Kimberly Ovitz. Every now and then we encounter odd looking pieces, and this is one of them. This maxi […]

News Flash: Lady Gaga Knows How to Dress Down and Cover Up

I never thought I’d see the day but apparently, it has come – Lady Gaga has chosen to dress down and cover up! Well, for once at least. I’m so used to seeing her in outrageous, skin revealing outfits that seeing her wear something that is actually WEARABLE came as a total shock. The pop […]

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