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Rachel Bilson Makes Boring Brown Skirt Look Fabulous

Tell us, between a black and a brown midi skirt, which one would you pick? If you consider versatility and aesthetic purposes, the black one is a clear winner. Besides, brown clothes tend to be a bit dull, especially when they’re just plain and lacking in exciting print. But there are actually so many ways […]

Rachel Bilson in White + Lace Maxi Skirt

Clearly, we are having a bit of a Rachel Bilson mood this week. This is our second post of the celebrity (for the week) and a consecutive one at that. Sorry, we can’t help it. She’s been fashioning skirts more often these days and her choices have been nothing short of fabulous. Last week, our […]

Rachel Bilson in a Red Maxi: Drab or Fab?

It’s Rachel Bilson for you today. The brunette celebrity fashionista was spotted buying what seemed like a large kids’ toy early this month. For the small errand, Rachel kept it really simple by wearing a black top and pairing it with a bright red maxi skirt and flat sandals. Tell us, what do you think […]

Rachel Bilson Gains Inches with Her Zac Posen Mini Wrap Skirt

I think Rachel Bilson should wear mini skirts more often. Not only will she look taller, but sexier as well. Not to mention, it’s a great way to show off her nice gams. I oftentimes see her in tea length dresses and it just makes her appear shorter than she already is. Just check out […]

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