Top 10 Skirt Bloggers of February 2013 Part 1/2

It’s a tough job narrowing down our favorite skirt posts for February. Trust me, you don’t want to be in my shoes. There are too many gorgeous ladies wearing equally gorgeous skirts that I find myself in a quandary. But since someone has got to do the job, I’ll step up and bring you this month’s top 10 favorite fashion bloggers skirt posts.

To give you time to assimilate their awesomeness, we are breaking this feature into two posts (Part 2). Here are the first 5 bloggers whose skirts and over-all style blew us away:

1. Lara Rose from Netherlands


Lara Rose from Lara Rose Style adds drama to her outfit with a breath-taking skirt from Claes Iversen. Black, tulle, asymmetrical and puffy. Can you ask for more? And Lara did a great job pairing it with a denim, polka-dotted top. It gave this outfit a vintage appeal.

2. Anastasia Siantar from Jakarta


Every girl should own a cute skirt, preferably something like what Anastasia from Brown Platform wore in this photo – full, floral and undeniably girly. It’s the kind of skirt that will tempt you to keep on swishing and skipping just to see it float around you. And wouldn’t this skirt be perfect for spring?

3. Mayo from Hong Kong


Mayo always posts the cutest outfits in her blog Mellow Mayo. It’s a blog chock-full of pastel colors, delicate lace and glittering jewels. I love Mayo’s wardrobe and I want to live in it.

This skirt is one of her more gorgeous acquisitions. It looks so delicate and the lace details are very intricate, it deserves special mention.

4. Flávia from Brazil


Early in February, Flávia from Fashion Coolture piqued our interest with her origami houndstooth skirt. One look at that skirt and you’d want to get your hands on it. It’s quite a stunning piece, worthy of being a conversation starter.

5. Konstantina from Athens


Konstantina from Serial Klother pairs up a printed purple sweater with feather skirt. I suppose it takes one fashion-dedicated lady to wear feathered anything with confidence. Konstantina is just the right girl for that!

There’s more where this came from so make sure you watch out for the second part of this post. Meanwhile, visit their blogs and go over their looks once more!

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