How to Wear a Floral Mini Skirt: 5 Chic Ways

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Floral prints have been and always will be a hot trend when it comes to women’s fashion. However, even many fashion-savvy women can’t grasp the how-tos of properly styling a floral-printed piece of clothing.

An example of a key floral-printed piece of clothing is, of course, a miniskirt. Many women find that floral prints prove too girly or immature for their liking and personal style.

If you happen to experience a similar dilemma when it comes to floral skirts, then stick around for some tips on how to balance out floral prints with help from some of our favorite fashion bloggers!

1. Bohemian-Chic Floral Mini Skirt

Think Nicole Richie, Rachel Bilson, and Kate Bosworth. You can easily balance out the flimsiness and girly factor of a floral mini skirt by pairing it up with a neutral-hued plain loose knit top and the right accessories just like Late Afternoon‘s outfit below.

The neutral color and loose fit of your top would easily tone down the bold prints and colors of your floral skirt, even more so if paired with other neutral-hued accessories such as a handbag, a hat, and what have you.

Late Afternoon wearing a floral mini skirtLate Afternoon wearing a floral mini skirt

2. Easy and Breezy Floral Mini Skirt

Aside from neutral-colored tops, you can also opt for a brightly-colored piece to go with your floral skirt. You can easily choose a brightly colored top that matches at least one color shade on your skirt for a lighter and more casual look just like Disarming Darling’s ensemble below.

If you still want to tone down the prints and colors of your floral skirt, you can accessorize your outfit with pieces that have darker and deeper colors as well. Her blog is unfortunately no longer available online.

Disarming Darling wearing a floral skirtDisarming Darling wearing a floral skirt

3. Hipster-Edge Floral Mini Skirt

Another great way to balance out and tone down your floral skirt, no matter how girly and feminine-looking it is, is by toughening up your look with edgy pieces.

Pair it with a leather biker jacket and black booties or perhaps a worn-out denim vest and buckled platform sandals just like Lumedisco’s outfit below. Her blog is unfortunately no longer available online.

Lumedisco looking amazing in a floral skirt Lumedisco looking amazing in a floral skirt

4. Smart Casual Floral Mini Skirt

Floral skirts aren’t just for casual everyday wear because you can also use it to dress up to the nines by matching it with a corporate-looking blazer and the right pair of pumps.

Take note of how “In Her Stilettos” dressed up her floral skirt below in order to make it look more appropriate for smart casual events and even in the workplace as well. Her blog is unfortunately no longer available online.

In Her Stilettos rocking a floral skirtIn Her Stilettos rocking a floral skirt

5. Print on Print Floral Mini Skirt

Lastly, another effective way of balancing out floral prints is by pairing it with a different set of prints just like Fashion Bananas stripes-on-florals ensemble below.

In order to balance out the feminine touch of a floral skirt, you can match it with a striped top for a more structured and edgier feel to your overall look.

Fashion Bananas wearing a floral skirt Fashion Bananas wearing a floral skirt

For your convenience, we’ve selected some must-have floral miniskirts from Shopbop and Nordstrom that you might want to play around with by mixing and matching them with just about anything in your wardrobe.

Floral Mini Skirts

Floral Mini Skirts1. RED Valentino Meadow Printed Skirt in Floral, $450.00

2. Enza Costa Chiffon Miniskirt in Floral, $138.60

3. Hinge Print Pleated Skirt in Layered Floral, $68.00

4. Milly Print Flare Skirt in Fuchsia, $260.00

5. Topshop Floral Jacquard Skirt in Ice Blue, $80.00

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