Meet the Top 10 Skirt Bloggers of June 2013 – Part 1/2

If the summer heat has melted all your style and creative juices into a puddle, you might want to replenish it with this month’s reaping of favorite skirt looks from fashion bloggers.

You’ll love this month’s featured bloggers. Until now, I still marvel at their endless supply of creativity when it comes to putting their gorgeous skirts to good use. It inspires one to start wearing skirts more often. If you aren’t a skirt gal just yet, this post will probably convert you into one.

We won’t keep you on your toes any longer. Here are the first 5 stylish bloggers for the month of June:

1. Shiny from Poland


First on our list is this look from Shiny. She looks so dapper in her peplum top that she paired up with the cutest tulle skirt we have seen in a while! The outer layering of periwinkle tulle combined with the delicate white inner layers gives this such a luxurious feel. If this doesn’t make you feel festive, I don’t know what will!

2. Sheree from New York


That skirt with its huge rose print on the side is such a subtle statement-maker that we can’t help but do a double take. Sheree’s styling is also spot-on! You have to love that ruffled cropped top. It worked seamlessly with the adorable skirt.

3. Dazzle from Australia


I can’t decide whether Dazzle’s metallic draped skirt has an old world or a futuristic charm. Maybe both? It reminds me of the ones Greek goddesses wear in mythologies but the metallic fabric gives it a 30th century vibe. Either way, it’s a unique skirt that had us including this in our list.

4. Taygan from Australia


This fruit print skirt that Taygan made herself (we have mad envy for her sewing skills!) reminds us of Dolce & Gabbana. Here’s a proof that you can dress up prettily without busting the bank.

5. Tali from Netherlands


We have a soft spot for the classic denim pencil skirt – especially if it’s styled the way Tali did. She wore a baseball tee and sleek ankle-strap sandals with it. It’s an outfit that is all of classy, current, minimalist and playful. Yes, the contradictions worked!

We still have more bloggers from all over the globe to feature so stay tuned for the second part of our fashion bloggers post.

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