Meet the Top 10 Skirt Bloggers of October 2013

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It’s time for another round up of our favorite blogger skirt looks. We found a lot of cute and enviable skirts but we have to commend these bloggers for their styling chops:

1. Jyoti from United Kingdom


Jyoti’s skirt may be the cutest gold-tone skirt we have ever seen! It’s a circle skirt with scalloped hem and cut out details. Even if it isn’t in this gorgeous metallic color, we would still think it is cute.

2. Olga from South Korea


It is autumn, after all, so rich and vibrant colors such as oxblood and rust is parading before us. Olga’s metallic oxblood red skirt is to die for! We love how she went for a red-on-red ensemble by pairing it with that cable-knitted top. Lush!

3. Kathleen from California


See what we meant by oxblood being a popular color for fall? We also find Kathleen’s organza skirt way gorgeous! It’s a piece you can style up or style down. Pair it up with a shirt just like what Kathleen did for some stunning streetstyle mash up.

4. Natalie from Florida


Natalie’s see-through skirt makes quite a statement but it certainly fits well with the Halloween vibe in the air as of late. The heart pattern on the see-through material gave it a sweeter charm.

5. Magdalena from Slaskie


Metallic skirts are definitely hot these days. Magdalena rocked one in the most adorable pink shades we have ever seen. Style an all pink ensemble? We say yes to that!

6. Sonya from Ukraine


Checkered skirts are definitely “it” items these days so make sure you have one in your wardrobe. We are lusting after Sonya’s full skirt that is brimming with personality. The way she styled it with those clashing printed top and blue shoes made it even more appealing to our eyes.

7. Rachel from Chicago


Rachel’s fairy-like skirt is a dream! It looks like you can prance around it all day and have everyone’s attention to your gorgeous self.

8. Toshiko from California


It’s all in the details, they say, and this skirt embodies that. The embossed rose pattern of the skirt blew us away but it was Toshiko’s over-all styling that made this outfit so utterly flooring.

9. Taylor from San Diego


What’s not to love about a floral skirt? And a pleated one at that? This is how you rock a floral skirt this autumn ladies! Taylor‘s pastel skirt is just the thing to steer away from the rich colors of autumn.

10. Liza from Siberia


We are saving the most dramatic skirt for last! Liza’s maxi skirt boasts of a deep purple color that is hard to take your eyes away from.

Of the 10 bloggers featured, who is your favorite?

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